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Our goal at Arzest is to give the people all over the world joy and make them smile through digital entertainment with our company philosophy of "bringing surprises and moving experiences to the world". What truly are "surprises" and "moving experiences"? We are confident that the new challenges of creating something from where there was nothing is what will surprise and move people of the world. Creating something from nothing and stimulating the "hearts" of people all over the world is the meaning for existence of Arzest.

Arzest - Yoji Ishii


We declare "ARZEST" as our company name. "ARZEST" is derived from the combination of "Art" and "Zest". It is a word we created using what we feel is important to us. Each part acts to concentrate artistry that has been enriched with enthusiasm, to create products that bring a new dimension of stimuli to entertainment… This concept brought us to name our company "ARZEST".


C.E.O. / President    Yoji Ishii

1978: Joined SEGA ENTERPRISES Ltd., (currently SEGA Corporation). Designer and director of arcade games "Fantasy Zone", "Hang On", "Outrun", etc. While at SEGA was producer for many games as head of development for the Sega Saturn such as "Nights into Dreams", "Panzer Dragoon", "Sakura Wars".
1999: Founded software development company Artoon Co., Ltd.
2005: Appointed C.E.O. President of AQ Interactive Inc. (currently Marvelous Inc.) with Artoon becoming AQ Interactive's subsidiary.
2007: Acquires public company management knowhow with the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of company.
2010: Founded Arzest Corp., appointed C.E.O. President. The company is committed to taking on new challenges in digital entertainment having the great advantage of the contacts and experience accumulated since the early days of video games.


C.O.O.    Naoto Ohshima

1987: Joined SEGA ENTERPRISES Ltd., (currently SEGA Corporation). In charge of game design, character design and direction for home console games "Sonic the Hedgehog", "Nights into Dreams", etc.,
1999: Co-founded Artoon with Yoji Ishii and others.
2005: Appointed C.E.O. President of Artoon. Director and producer for home console action games "Blinx" series, "Yoshi's Island DS", "Blue Dragon", and many other games.
2010: Founded Arzest Corp., appointed Executive Vice President. As a "hands on playing manager", utilizes his rich imagination to present his creative designs to the world.


E.V.P.    Yutaka Sugano

1986: Joined SEGA ENTERPRISES Ltd., (currently SEGA Corporation). Designer and director of arcade game titles "Shinobi", "Crack Down", and others. After being assigned to Sega of America Inc., participates in the development of "Sonic 2", "Sonic Spinball", and others. After returning to Japan, was in charge of titles such as "Sonic Blast" and titles for development overseas for the SEGA Saturn.
1999: Joins Artoon and is in charge of games such as "Blue Dragon", "AWAY Shuffle Dungeon", "Fling Smash", etc.,
2010: Participates establishing Arzest. Utilizing his vast experience in working with teams producing games for both domestic and overseas markets, he designs and produces games for home consoles, smart devices, and various other platforms.


LOCATION Innotech Bldg. 7F, Shinyokohama 3-17-6, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama 222-0033, Japan >> MAP
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CAPITAL 30,000,000yen